CommBank PERLS XI Capital Notes - Completion of Bookbuild & Replacement Prospectus

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) on 9 November 2018 announced the successful completion of the Bookbuild for the offer of CommBank PERLS XI Capital Notes (Prospective ASX Code: CBAPH).

The final margin was set at 3.70% p.a. over 90 Day BBSW, at the bottom of the indicative range (3.70 - 3.90%).

The Broker Firm Offer allocated a total of $1.25 billion following strong demand from Syndicate Brokers and institutional investors.  This was $500 million more than the original expectation of $750 million, with the Securityholder Offer still to complete (closes 7 December 2018).

A replacement prospectus was issued on 9 November 2018 and is available below together with a Reinvestment Offer for Eligible PERLS VI Holders.