Macquarie Bank Capital Notes 2 - Completion of Bookbuild and Margin Set

On 17 February 2020, Macquarie Bank Limited (“MBL”) announced the completion of the Bookbuild process for its offer of Capital Notes 2 ("MBLPB"), previously launched on 11 February 2020.

MBL allocated $425 million of Capital Notes 2 to Syndicate Brokers and Institutional Investors on a firm basis.

The Margin was set at 2.90%, at the bottom of the launch guidance range.

The final size of the Offer will depend on the volume of Applications received and accepted under the Broker Firm Offer, Reinvestment Offer and the Securityholder Offer with MBL reserving the right to scale back Applications if there is excess demand, however Reinvestment Offer applicants will be given a priority allocation over Securityholder Offer applicants.