Macquarie Group Capital Notes 4 - Allocation of Bookbuild & Margin Set

Macquarie Group (MQG) on 27 February 2018 announced the successful allocation of $750 million to Syndicate Brokers and Institutional Investors under the Institutional Offer and the Broker Firm Offer elements of the Macquarie Group Capital Notes 4 (MCN4) offer.

The Margin has been set at 4.15% per annum, at the bottom of the guided Margin range of 4.15 - 4.35%.

The final size of the Offer will depend on the volume of applications received and accepted under the Securityholder Offer, which opens on 5 March 2019.  MQG noted that it reserves the right to scale-back applications.

A replacement prospectus is scheduled to be lodged with ASIC on 5 March 2019.