New Issue: Villa World Bonds

Villa World Limited (ASX: VLW) today announced a new issue, Villa World Bonds (Prospective ASX Code: VLWHA). The bonds are expected to be issued on the 21st of April 2017. The minimum size of the offer is $50 million but will change based on demand and the proceeds from the transaction will be used to grow inventory through acquisitions and joint-venture opportunities.

The bonds are structured as simple corporate bonds meaning they have no optionality and interest payments are mandatory. To qualify as a simple corporate bond this security has met specific legal eligibility requirements on the issuer and the security. The bonds are protected by event of default conditions which give the holder the right to recover any unpaid principal or interest subject to issuer solvency. The simple corporate bond regime does not allow noteholders to be subordinated to unsecured creditors. The notes are guaranteed by the issuer and all wholly-owned subsidiaries of the issuer.

Interest will be paid on a quarterly basis based on a calculation equal to 90-Day BBSW plus an interest margin in the range of 4.75 - 5.00% set through bookbuild. The bond may only be redeemed by the issuer on its legal final maturity date (21 April 2022) or when a Tax Event, Change of Control Event or a Clean Up Condition exists. Bondholders have the right to early redemption only if the Change of Control Event occurs.

Bond holders are protected by a series of covenants such as a negative pledge (net secured debt cannot be more of 40% than total adjusted assets) and restrictions on indebtedness (net total debt cannot be more than 50% of total adjusted assets). 

Summary of the Transaction:

Product Type

Simple Corporate Bond

Last Price


Issue Size*




Par Value


Capital Price


Fixed / Floating


Running Yield**

[6.54 - 6.79%]

Payment Frequency


Yield to Maturity***

[7.38 - 7.63%]

Current Distribution**

[6.54 - 6.79%]

Trading Margin**

[4.75 - 5.00%]

Issue Margin**

[4.75 - 5.00%]

Optional Call Date


Franking Credits Inclusive


Legal Final Maturity

21 April 2022 (5Y)

ASX Listed

Yes (Prospective ASX Code: VLWHA)

Next Ex-Date




Next Payment Date

21 July 2017

GICS Sector

Real Estate

Next Cash Distribution****

[$1.64 - 1.69]

*Issue size is subject to change but expected to be $50 million. **Based on prospective issue margin plus 90-Day BBSW of ~1.795%. Actual margin to be set at bookbuild ***Based on prospective issue margin & interpolated swap rate to maturity of 2.6351%. ****Actual cash amount based on $100 face value.


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